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Hydropower and museum

Hydropower and Industry were crucial to the shaping of Norway in the 20th Century; at the Norwegian museum of Hydropower and Industry you will hear the fascinating story of how it all began. It is one of the few powerstations in Norway that are protected by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

The museum is located in Tyssedal, in Odda municipality in the midst of the beautiful Hardanger region. The nature is stunning, both in summer and in winter. When you visit us you get an impression of the forces of nature and of man's efforts to harness them. 

Panoramabilde Tyssedal, Sørfjorden

Tyssedal is squeezed in between the mountaintops Tveitanuten and Oksla. Photo: Harald Hognerud NVIM



The power station Tysso I is the museum's pride. The plant is the one of the few larger power station in the world that has been protected for posterity. The power plant was built in several stages. The first stage was completed in 1908, less than two years after the planning began. By hand, using hammer, drill and dynamite, the workers carved a 3, 5 kilometre tunnel, built the first two pipelines and the power station, as well as the first dam. The work was rushed in order to make the plant able to supply the world's largest carbide factory that was being built simultaneously in Odda with electricity. The work was difficult in the harsh surroundings. The first two 730 metre long pipelines were built in the winter of 1907, so that in addition to the steep mountain, the workers had to contend with bitter cold, snow and ice as they built the large iron pipes. In the following years, the power station was added to, three more pipelines were built, and the impressive Ringedal dam, made out of hand carved granite, was completed. Two more factories were also built in the Odda region.



Film: Arvid Aga


The power station and several of the other buildings were designed by Norway's foremost architects. Today they stand as monuments as a tribute to the work, architecture and optimism of bygone days. In the year 2000 the entire plant was declared protected by the Director General of Historic Monuments. Since then the power station has been renovated and returned to its former glory.


Most of our guests begin their visit by watching one of our multimedia shows. These multimedia-shows give a vivid encounter with history. The Industrial Adventure has become a classic which provides a background to a guided tour of the power station in addition to others.


Utsnitt av ind.eventyret eng. from NVIM on Vimeo.











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