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Hike Lilletopp - worth a visit!

The hike to Lilletopp is a perfect warm-up for the major hike to Trolltunga! It is also perfect for a recreation hike the second day of your stay in Odda. 

You can also climb the steep hillside up to Lilletopp - accompanied by skilled guides from Trolltunga-Active. Foto: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet



This hike is suitable for all ages. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach the top, where you will be rewarded with a stunning view over fjord, mountain and glacier. The trail is heavy, but easy to manage, at some places with wooden or rocky stairs. The hike itself can be done without a guide. You will have to park your car on the parking place by the sports arena in Tyssedal, then walk approx. 1 km before you reach the curve where the trail starts.


To avoid parking fees, contact the museum reception in Tyssedal (Naustbakken 3, 5770 Tyssedal) to get your free short time parking ticket! Only during opening hours.


Stien til Lilletopp            

The trail to Lilletopp. Photo: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet



Trapper på stien til Lilletopp

Wooden stairs as well as stairs made of rocks on the trail to Lilletopp. Photo: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet




You can also "do" the hike on google street view


If you like, you can join us in the footsteps of the navvy to the hydropower facilities in the mountianside. Come with us inside the mountaincaves, try your skills as a navvy, hear the stories about the hard work building the caves and the tunnel. Guided tours all days at 12h and 3pm during the summer season.


Enjoy the magnificent view over the Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonn glacier from the cliffs of mount Oksla.

Utsikt mot Odda frå Oksla

Overlooking Odda and the fjord while dangling your feet over the edge.

Photo: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet



The guards house - summer café

From 1915-1923 the damm guard lived in Lilletopp with his family.The children went to school  in Tyssedal every day - without skipping it once. 

During the second world war both norwegian and german guards and soldiers were stationed here. The house is now used by the museum -  during the summer season you will find a small café here.

Familien Seim foran vokterboligen

The damm guard Jondahl with family in front of the house. Photo: Kraftmuseet archives.



During the summer season the facilities in Lilletopp will be open all days from 11am to 4pm. We offer guided tours through the tunnels and caves, showing film and giving you the opportunity to try the tools of the navvy. The guided tour and film will take about one hour. There will be an open café during the summer season. 


 Hardanger Musikkfest på Lilletopp

Relaxing in the sun after the hike to Lilletopp. Photos: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet


Kart over Lilletopp frå google maps

Click the map/foto and find more information at Google maps.


Satelittkart Lilletopp frå Google maps


Off-season we offer guided tours for groups booked in advance. Contact the museum for further information.



Watch the following film footage to get an impression of the site and hear a piece from one of the concerts that have taken place there.


A somewhat different concert location Film: Dag Endre Opedal Kraftmuseet




Another, and more exciting alternative to the hike, is the climb alongside the penstock together with scilled climbers. Suitable for all ages from 15 to 70! 

To be booked as Tyssedal via ferrata at

Trallebane ved røyrgata 1907


During the winter of 1906 and 1907 the construction workers had to climb the mountain with none or poor safety equipment. Photo: Kraftmuseet archives


Bygging av røyrgata   


Times have changed and climbing gear is now mandatory.


Utsikt nedover røyrgata

Collegues climbing the penstock after work... Photo: Dag Endre Opedal Kraftmuseet


Utsikt fra fjellveggen

The stunning view lets you forget any fear of hights! Photo: Dag Endre Opedal Kraftmuseet




Omvising i vassmagasinet på Lilletopp

A walk through the caves that used to be filled with water. Photo: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet



Standing on mount Oksla you will have a magnificent view over the fjord and the glacier. Photo: Dag Endre Opedal Kraftmuseet










Blikk ned røyrgata frå knekken

Blikk ned røyrgata frå knekken

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