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  • ON THE WAY - a photo exhibition

ON THE WAY - a photo exhibition

An exhibition showing historic photos by the known photographer Knud Knudsen from Odda. 

You can see this photo legacy after Knud Knudsen in Lindehuset, a former nitrogen factory in the center of Odda town up until august 22nd.

The exhibiton is open from 11 am to 5 pm tuesdays to saturdays.

Ticket: NOK 60 pp - children up to 16 years are free of charge.

You can buy tickets in the caravan in front of the house. Welcome!


Knud Knudsen (1832 – 1915) was one of the first great photopioneers in Norway, especially known for his landscape photos.  He was born and grew up in Odda, but travelled to Bergen already as a jung boy, where he learned the skills of photography. From the day he left Odda for the first time, Knud Knudsen spent almost his whole life traveling. He went all over the country with the camera on his travel carriage. On his way he photographed the norwegian landscape and the people he met.

The way as such is an important motive in the photo legacy of Knudsen. From the elongated country road leading in to the horizon, over narrow roadslings in the dramatic nature of western Norway, as well as the fjord as a transport route. Knudsen ist constantly on his way. On his way to, on his way from, on his way home.


In the exhibition "ON THE WAY", we meet a diversity of his photographs with motives from all over the country, but also of motives from his travels to both Germany and the USA. In from our own time, comes modern art installations signed by Else Karin Bysheim Tysse. The new and the old way meets, staking out a new course.


There is also a small exhibition about the mysteries of light by KraftLaben science center.


Welcome and goog luck on your journey!

The exhibition is a cooperation between Kraftmuseet and Ullensvang municipality.

An impression of the exhibition in Lindehuset. Photo: Anne Gravdal, Kraftmuseet

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